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Here i go in that flow
Everything is allowed
It's the last show, sold out
Every seat's taken
I put on my smile and start the faking
I play my part so well it'll make you cry
I'll never be the same but you don't mind
I pour out my soul up on that stage
I'm in control look at my face
It's all good, i won't lose my mind
Just take you by surprise when i die
Sometimes i wish that i did, for real
Now i don't have the time to heal
All these wounds i made look so real
They still keep hurting me
"yo, what the deal why don't you stop the crying?"
Thay ask me, it's all inside me
Forever lasting
I fly so high, i fall so hard

It's time for curtain call ' last time was enough for me
This time not gonna lie down, gonna stand up with my own too feet

I'm that kind that you don't wanna trust
When i smile is when i wanna bust
When i feel free is when i'm locked up
And when i love, you know what's up
I look at the crowd in this beautiful night
So nice, how they smile
I made them feel good, i treated them right
I gave 'em what they wanted
I fed their minds, with their hands in the air
They cry: "do that again, make it look real"
And i will, cause i'm their little puppet
I got my mask on, can nobody stop it
But behind the smile is where it all happens
Behind the curtain is where i start lacking
So please tonight just leave me alone
And give me a chance to be on my own
I'll fly so high, i'll fall so hard

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