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Graveyard Apostles

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Sin and anguish crawls upon us all, the shocked faces will be our pain meds, self mutilate to open their eyes, cut yourself to shreds....

For the rape and murder of dreams of a nation,
Your tyrant rage peels back the flesh,
Corruption stabs the needles into my eyes,
Evil is turning me into a bloody mess.

(scream) i feel all your sins you masochistic fucks!

(halfway spoken word) dig deep and rip the pit from your stomachs, money is a knife scalping our heads, pain exorcizes all the demons they have summoned, cut yourself to shreds....

Our usa machine runs on bloodlust and greed,
Freedom for the rich cost the meek their heads.
I can feel the blood of millions leaking out my mouth,
Bribes, rapes, lies and murders pierce through my veins.

(scream) there isn't enough flesh on my carcass to pay for what you've done!
) choke down the medias bullshit with a handful of razors, chase it with the governments cover-ups and a box of nails, one more shot of religion's hateful judgments with some shards of glass. cut yourself to shreds.....

The world will kill me on their joyride of pain,
Pay their admission with my teeth, hair, and skin.
They'll win a prize if i can cut all my limbs off,
I'll end their ride with a 12 gauge to my brain.

A bloodlust campaign has begun... my example leads and you will follow.
Fucked and running scared, lets drown the weak in our flesh before they can escape.
Its time our pain made a difference......

Cut your self to shreds, cut your life to shreds, cut your pain to shreds, cut your enemy to shreds, cut their hearts to shreds, cut their souls to shreds!!!
--aaaaaaaa hahahahahahahahaha run you motherfuckers! hide yourself! no one will escape!! its gonna be beautiful.........die!

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