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What's that? (fire from the gods)
I don't know.
Power glove...

That little bastard,
With his tricks and vile forms of play
Hacking shaving slicing mutilating
All that gets before him,
All that gets in his way.

Coming around down the stairs.
Wood cracks beneath my feet,
My hand slips across the rail
Collecting dust on my finger tips.
I came into a dark room
The smell of wet stone of many years
Then there was a bubonic retard's blank empty stare...

Little android man
Half the size that i am
Scissors on his head
Sccciiisssooorrrrsssss on his fucking head!

Little android man
-born without a soul
Without that force of reason-
The scissors took control.
Little android man-
Born without a heart
If he's in your vicinity he'll cut you apart!

Here he comes
Bring it down
It's just a game
Don't look back he's right behind
And here's your piece of mind.

(cut cut cut cut
Cut cut cut cuutt!
Cut! cut! cut! cut!
Cut! cut! cut! cut!
Cut! cut! cut! cut!
Cut! cut! cut! cut!)

Little android man,
Born without a soul
Without the voice of reason
The scissors took control!
Little android man,
Born without a heart
If hes in your vicinity
He'll cut you apart.
Counting it down until your death counts on his fingers..
1 2 3 4
Little android man
Never- never - never trust a
Little android man
He'll cut cut cut cut cut

Jeez, i love the power glove. it's so bad...

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