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Rudy Silvamer

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Cutting onions
By rudy silvamer
My plane is crashing down
Its hard to explain
So ive been trying to drown
Out of sight this pain
Passengers cant know they wouldnt understand
What am i supposed to say

Dont think im way too proud
I promise you im not the only
Like any captain i cant tell them ive been feeling lonely
And they keep asking me why these tears in my eyes
I have to lie so i just say

Ive been cutting onions lately
I run out of fruits
Please throw me some
Throw me some
Ive been cutting onions lately
Soon it will be fine
Just give me timegive me time

I dont even know why i lost control
Maybe i learned to fly but not to land, thats al
Leven though i know that i let you down
What am i supposed to say
Ive tried not to blink holding tears behind my eyes
I told my mother, id never live a life with lies
I wish i had time to apologize for losing ground
But whats the point were crashing down
Ive been cutting onions lately

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