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August Burns Red

pochette album Cutting the ties
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Date de parution : 01/06/2013

Durée : 0:05:02

Style : Heavy Metal

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Silence is a frustrating answer when all you
Want is a sign. it's hard to be surrounded by
The ones that you love when they keep passing
You by. beneath the tough facade, i know that
We are getting through. none of us are ready
To just remember you. whenever you are lost
I know that we can find you standing outside
Screaming at the sky. don't let the tears of
Agony consume your heart. let it beat on in
Hopes and dreams of a new start. no one
Knows the weight on your shoulders. no one
Knows the burdens you bare. these thoughts
Won't stop. it'd be so easy to take the easy
Way out. compassion is a beautiful thing so
Show some for yourself. rock solid from the
Outside looking in. inside you're praying for
Help. you're praying for help. it's hard to be
Surrounded by the ones that you love when
They keep passing you by. beneath the tough
Facade i know that we're getting through. life
Is a gift. remember that. break free. i know
Silence is a hard answer when all you want is a
Sign. patience is a virtue. you will be revived.

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