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Cannibal Corpse

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Date de parution : 24/02/2004

Durée : 0:03:11

Style : Rock

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Staking out the residence of the chosen target
Entering the empty home, lace the food with poison
The hapless victim never had a chance
Precise contamination killed him fast

Shocking news traveled fast
But i have traveled faster
The only clue that's left behind
Poison in the cadaver

Cyanide assassin is my trade
Executing methods are my quarry's bane
Toxic killing tactics stop your breath
Precision dosage leaves the victim dead, cyanide assassin

Life, my task to end, death, i don't regret
Analyze the next assignment
Select the proper tools
Gas will be the most effective, that is what i'll use

Release the vapors in the victims room
Sleeping chambers fast become a tomb
Calculated venting should work fast
Enclosed space filled with poison gas, cyanide assassin

Life, it should end fast, death, he now should pass
Gasping, he fights for air, face fixed with despair
But the end does not seem close, misjudged the lethal dose
I must return, my work's not done, he's still alive but too weak to run

A sloppy job must be finished
Can't leave him in a coma
With my mask i won't smell
The almond like aroma

With syringe in hand i walk into his room
He's struggling with the damage from the fumes
I plunge the needle deep into his vein
Completion of the murder ends his pain, cyanide assassin

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