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Suicidal Tendencies

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Date de parution : 09/03/2012

Durée : 0:02:13

Style : Rock

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Cyco, cyco
(cyco, cyco, cyco, cyco)
(cyco, cyco, cyco, cyco)
Born cyco, it's the way i was meant to be
Live cyco, it's the only life for me
(burning, burning, burning, burning, burning)
Burning up can't you see
(burning, burning, burning)
But it's the only life for me
I'm burning up, the fire blazes inside
Out of control and now you better hide
Run around the corner but the corner never ends
You scream out, beg, shout but the nightmare never ends
You turn around but you just see what you saw before
Spin around, fall down now you see no more

(raging, raging, raging, raging, raging)
Raging mad that may be
(raging, raging, raging)
But it's the only life for me
I'm raging mad and soon you will know
I'm burning up from my head to toe
(cyco, cyco, cyco, cyco, cyco)
It's the only life i know
(cyco, cyco, cyco)
I was born to be cyco
I'm cyco and my mind it starts to bend
Out of control, it seems to be the trend
Born to be cyco
(cyco, cyco, cyco, cyco, cyco, cyco)

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