Paroles de Cynically yours

Amy Rigby

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Date de parution : 26/02/2003

Durée : 0:03:05

Style : Rock

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You know i love you one hundred percent
Of the amount i'm capable of loving you
And you know i need you to the fullest extent
It's feasible for me to be needing you
I believe in us as much or maybe more
Than i've ever believed in anything before
In a world full of doubt
Don't know what i'm sure about
But you don't suck
So i'm cynically yours

It's true i mistrust you, but don't take it the wrong way
I'm more gullible than i've ever been
And if they held a contest for the person most likely
To fall for your bull i'd probably win
The thought of us together doesn't fill me with dread
I can picture being with you til one or both of us is dead
At the end of the day
I've got nothing good to say
But you don't suck
So i'm cynically yours

I, your loving (blank), take you (insert name here)
Because frankly i'm just too tired to look around anymore
You drive reasonably well, have most of your own teeth
And not much of a prison record so that's good
Plus you claim to love my ass and i have a tape to prove it
Which makes me think this thing really could work
However, in the event that our mutual disappointment
Outweighs the positive aspects of this union
We agree to part
Without the destruction of crockery, automobiles,
Or each others' good name
In print or in song

At the end of the day i've got nothing good to say
But you don't suck
So i'm cynically yours