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Suburban Legends

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You were the prettiest one, in the seventh grade!
I was such a dork you didn't even know my name!
Then i joined a ska band and we played at lots of shows
So said you liked love for you still grows!

You used me! i might have known, that it would knock me down!
When, i dont know! the wrong place!

I called you on the phone, the other day too bad you
Weren't home cause i had a lot to say!!
I had just heard the news of you and brent!
You freaken used me to get to my friend!

You lit my fuse, im going out woo!that it'll knock
Me down, where? i dont know the wrong place!

Every night around the same time, i just want to die!
I cant believe that what we had was justa lie!
Maybe when im older i'll look back and laugh, but
Until then i dont care cause i've got a new girlfriend!

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