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(female vocal)
1. you smell just like a can of worms
Baking in the sun
There's fish guts hanging from your chin
I sure hope you had fun
You gotta stop hanging 'round
That worthless bunch of guys
Cause if you dump a shift again
I'll blacken both your eyes
2. if you go out fishing
And forget to do your chores
I'm gonna take the chain saw
And cut up that boat of yours
If i catch you making spawn bags
From my brand new pantyhose
I'll take those smelly fish eggs
And ram 'em up your nose

Fish fish fish
That's all you ever do
Fish fish fish
Wit dat lousy crew

(male vocal)
Nag nag nag that's all you ever do
Nag nag nag
Until your face turns blue

(female vocal)
3. i thought you gave me chinese food
In those two foam cups
I nearly had a heart attack
When i warmed 'em up
A heap of slimy dew worms
Was squirming on my plate
You're lucky that i saw them move
Before it was too late

4. i threw out those fish eggs
In those gerber baby jars
Baby huey ate some
Now he backfires like a car
I'm gonna smash your tackle box
And break your fishing poles
And take my sushi knife
And fill your waders full of holes

(repeat chorus)

5. my mother tried to warn me
This time i'm gonna listen
She told me i should leave you
The next time you go fishing

(male vocal)
I'm really gonna miss you
And all the fun we had
But if you wanna see me
I'll be fishing with your dad

Chorus: (female vocal)
Fish fish fish
That's all you ever do
Fish fish fish
Wit dat lousy crew

(male vocal)
I gotta go go go
Stop cawing you old crow
No no no
Let me go, let me go

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