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Originoo Gunn Clapazz

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I see their lips movin' but i don't know what they're sayin'

I'll be starang, man i gets wicked on the flows
It's louieville, you know i pack the bat like so
They call me top dawg, but better known as d.o.
Motherfuckers better act like they know

I can be as good as da best the rest and be as bad as the worst
So don't test we, d.o. has had it up to here
With those niggas that don't be knowin' who we are
Have you lost all your respect for the squad?
If so, y'all bitch ass niggas betta get that shit together
'cause e.o.g. will rain on that ass like the weather

Killin' 'em softly with the words that i be bringin'
Leavin' them niggas smellin' and lookin' dead and stinkin'
'cause we will face all the trials and tribulations
So arm yourself 'cause armageddon is now

Let me show you how these punk ass clowns are goin' down
Slowly but surely i won't let y'all niggas fold me
Y'all body bag me, put me on a plate and toe tag me
That'll be emphatically non-cipher
They call me d.o. because d.o. carries power

I'll be starang, l represent the dreads and the 'fros
I be louieville, you know i represent those that know
I be the top dawg, searchin' for the big o
Motherfuckers better act like they know

Suckas be holed up, i fold that ass it's ville slugga
My niggas say i make a bigga nigga run for cover
Fools get caught up with words don't even make me
Put pine to your spine, now you niggas hate me

For reasons, we bring freezers to heated regions
Troopin' through your crew like the pm night demons
Fuck looly gaggin' talk comin' for ya
Crush that ass to dust, just like sawyer

Beans, leavin' scenes uglier than ben
Green 'cause it seems niggas can't understand a thing
But this is how we set it, get your peeps and meet us in the exit
Load those weapons 'cause this fuckin' shit can get hectic

I'll be starang, rock from your head to your toes
It's quiet riot, number two spots get blown
I be d.o. known for the ten second roll
Motherfuckers better act like they know

I shot ya, lock it down now i gotcha
For this jam i am the phantom of the opera
Don't say a word, take it to the streets, fuck the props
X marks the spot like sadat

Starang makes shit hot, lyrics for days you've been warned
Call me thunder, the first one out the storm
Now it's on, throats get cut like lawns
My nigga o strong packs the 38 long

Skinny nigga, fuck the muscle i don't tussle
Glock the d o g and let him bust you
I crush you, you're sayin' tough guy bullshit may be
But at times they say starang is crazy

Forget it let's just call it he say her say, fuck you up in like the worst way
Blow that ass out like candles on your birthday
Brother, make you and your mom dukes run for cover
So who's the crew runin' all through your section
Black smif n wessun connection

I'll be the top dawg to nice up your body
Tell everybody to leave the shottie shake their body
Top dawg to nice up your party
Tell everybody to leave the shottie shake their body

I'll be starang, play yourself and catch the sharp elbows
It's louieville slugga, you know i was here but got to go
I'll d.o. and you know i don't give a what
Motherfucks better act like they know, oh


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