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Look, black or white picture, stug in this hard liquor
That type of hide that use to guide with you
That type of view that only god could give you
This is architecture, hard on my sleeve made of the darkest texture
Every bar is like a harvard lecture
Like you've been sitting with the wrong professor
I guess i bein extra
Cigarette burns in the furniture and i let in the ? dont let that hurt ?
Smoke silhouettes, chillin' in the villa stretch
Cherish the moment it could be over in a millasec
Wax by the slab til i collapse from the dabs
She came in the ghost, sent her back in the cab like
Dab life, dab life, dab life,
Just pass the motherfuckin torch
Of course all my bitches doped up like storch
Me, i'm on some shit that could tranquilize a horse
Keep a couple porches, parked by the porch
I'm in miami by the port
Cannot retort there will be no remorse
Shes high and wasted in her high waisted shorts
And all she do is ball like the bitch play sports
Heavy set, used to move in heavy ways
You still talking birds boy thats feather weight.
I live to tell them bout another day
I heard my ex bitch swallow like another day
No love in this shit, i quit blunts now is, now its, now its,
Dabloesqo budda in this bitch
Thats right, dab life, dab life, dab hit ya like a whole joint
So i smoke a whole joint theres no point

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