Paroles de Dachau blues

Captain Beefheart

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Date de parution : 22/06/1999

Durée : 0:02:04

Style : Rock

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Dachau blues those poor jews
Dachau blues those poor jews
Down in dachau blues, down in dachau blues
Still cryin' 'bout the burnin' back in world war two's
One mad man six million lose
Down in dachau blues down in dachau blues
Dachau blues, dachau blues those poor jews
The world can't forget that misery
'n the young ones now beggin' the old ones please
T' stop bein' madmen
'fore they have t' tell their children
'bout the burnin' back in world war three's
War one was balls 'n powder 'n blood 'n snow
War two rained death 'n showers 'n skeletons
Danced 'n screamin' 'n dyin' in the ovens
Cough 'n smoke 'n dyin' by the dozens
Down in dachau blues
Down in dachau blues
Three little children with doves on their shoulders
Their eyes rolled back in ecstasy cryin'
Please old man stop this misery
They're countin' out the devil
With two fingers on their hands
Beggin' the lord don't let the third one land
On world war three
On world war three

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