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Freekey Zekey

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Date de parution : 24/07/2007

Durée : 0:04:51

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Verse 1
Freekey zeekey:
Shorty see us livin' yeah we smellin' like some millions
Wanna beat it while we living it up, it up
Shorty see us livin' and she like the way we get it
Shorty go and get that ass in the truck, the truck
Don't walk up on me nigga, i don't know you, i will kill you
You'll be stinkin' in the back of the truck, the truck
Shorty swagger crazy, independent kind of lady
So mami come and suck on my nuts, my nuts
Dipped grey cadillac, big rims, 4 gat
Daddy back, daddy back
Watch it from his cadillac
Dipped grey cadillac, big rims, 4 gat
Daddy back, daddy back
Watch it from his cataract
Haters wanna counter that, 4-5th counter act
Pumpshot, rally back
I'm good with that, a hoodie rat
Panty lace, booty fat
Dope stash, booty, crack (look at that)
Grapefruit spyda crack, rims cross the pontiac
Twin pipe powder pack
Inside, cognac
Whole team got it man, don't need a polygraph
Whole team powder cash, whole team 'bout it man
We outta here
Hotter than the knockers in my mami's pants
Take a glance, charm give seizure, freek ambulance
So mami come and suck on my nuts, my nuts
Dipped grey cadillac, big rims, 4 gat
Daddy back, daddy back
Watch it from his cadillac

Freekey zeekey:
We be ridin' pretty, we be ridin' pretty
In the chevy or benzy, impala or bentley
We sittin' wit' the blicky
Fuck the lawyer never get me
Fuck t shorty we some riders fa' sho', fa' sho'
Yeah bang bang hooligang, bang with the tool again
Bang with the dip gang, bang bang bang

Verse 2
When i was locked up on the island on them seagulls you was wildin'
U was smilin', can't blame me for that, for that
When you came up on a visit and the piff you had to slip it
I won't forget, i wanna thank you for that, for that
Yeah, now your ass, i'm huggin' it and know was no debatin' it
Killa cam is lovin' it and them niggaz, thye hatin' it
Yeah they hatin' it, apple bottom, cracked they back
Daddy back? daddy back, north, south, cackalack
Matter fact (matter fact)
We flippin' like a acrobat
Money like them arabics, here's my dick, have a sip
Havin' it (havin' it)
Yeah suck it till you smack your lips
After that, see your hubbie, ask him can you have a kiss
Now what's the ratio that you married a crazy hoe
That wanna give her man head right after felacio
Yeah felacio, that's when you grab her face and go
Uh uh uh uh uh uh, taste it hoe
In her mouth i had to place it yo
I let her hang out (why) she ain't have a place to go
But i let her go with zeke in the cadillac
Daddy back? daddy back, haagh haagh, asthma attack


Verse 3
Juelz santana:
They love this slow flow, they love the slow strokes
The bitch want me to lay her, call me ozo
She love the fast whips, she love the fast dick
She love to jumpoff, we call it a mash pit
Big black cadillac, extra wheel in the back
Just incase we catch a flat, tell her bitch change that
Yeah women got that love for me
They love r kelly and i love to pee
I got no game, trust in me
I just ask 'em if they wanna pop, like bubbly

Freekey zeekey:
But how my caddy be slidin' through
Slidin' more bitches than you riders with them dollars
You can't handle what my prada do
Imagine me, hoppin' out, diamonds, couple bottles ooh
Prada shades, pockets full, 730 rowdy dudes
Mami who you married to, freek can get in that or two
Say you through, say you rather ride with this rapper dude
Watch her walk in the caddy, no niggaz laugh at you
Daddy's back? daddy's back
Ride off in the cadillac


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