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Drive By Truckers

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Daddy's gone away
And no one can tell me why
Mama's been so sad
Since daddy learned to fly

Everybody brought food
And everybody cried
Nothing's been too good
Since daddy learned to fly

Fun, we used to have
And the way we used to laugh
It's all gone away
Since they cut my world in half

Sometimes i think
I see him smile from the sky
But he never stops to visit
Since daddy learned to fly

Everyone tries so hard
To ease my troubled mind
Guess, he's doing better
Than the ones he left behind

They tell me i'm not old enough
To know the reasons why
Clouds reached down from heaven
Daddy learned to fly, learned to fly

They tell me that in time
Everything will be okay
Life goes back to normal
Like before you flew away

They tell me you can see me
So i'm trying not to cry
But sometimes i can't help it
Since daddy learned to fly

Learned to fly
Learned to fly

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