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Graham Parker

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Easus4a 4 times

Easus4 a e asus4 a
We wake up every morning rush downstairs to the car
Easus4 aeasus4 a
Jump inside it with mummy her eyes are shining like stars
E asus4 a easus4 a
The sun's like something that god sent the air's as fresh as our clothes
Easus4 aeasus4 a
We're going to the golden arches our life's so perfect it glows
And everything's fine everything's fine

Ea asus4 a
Daddy's a postmandaddy's a postman
Eaasus4 a
Daddy's a postmandaddy's a postman(repeat intro)

When we are old we won't have poverty or destitution
Ba e
We will be able to afford a nursing home or an institution
E asus4 a
And daddy's a postman(3 times)

Easus4 aeasus4 a
Black skin white picket fencesjewels we bought for a dime
Easus4 a easus4 a
When i came to my senses the golden arches were mine
Eesus4 eesus4
And everything's fineeverything's fine

Eaasus4 a
Daddy's a postmandaddy's a postman /pre>

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