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Speech Debelle

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Date de parution : 01/06/2009

Durée : 0:03:52

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Daddy i think i love you cause i hate you so much that i must love you
I put mommy above you
Cause she played her position and loved me
Unconditionally like you never have
I wasnt that bad i wasnt no damien child the
Only way i could have been is cause you birth me
Hurt me scarred me so deeply i have trouble
Committing to any man cause i think hes
Gonna leave me like you left me and mommy
Every birthday to see you would make me so happy
One day in the year and you couldnt come check
Me to busy to come check me
The way you affect me im constantly fighting to not affect me
I thought it was cool it didnt bother me i only realise like last week
I was talking to shorts about slush puppies he
Mentioned my father and were was he
Subconsciously my head tilted like a lover thats been jilted
I speak painfully whenever i think of you my
Eyes start to squint whenever i vision you
Like the visions i see are visions of evil
But still i could be wrong in my visions of what your like
But i cant really remember what you look like

I am daddy's little girl
That makes me tough
He never held my hand
I am daddy's little girl
That makes me tough
I hope you can understand

Have you never considered your old age
Flipping through the papers for the racing page
Looking at pennies to put a bet up in the bookies
Looking at women but too old for the nookie
Cant get a cookie out of any cookie jar
Your spars them pass on long time star
Wish you could spar with the spar them
Ca white rum by yourself it just cant get you charged
Looked upon by youths who pass you and
Barge like old man move these premonitions i give to you
Without any charge thats free old boy like a hug from you old boy
Like a kiss any the cheek saying
How was school old boy or happy birthday me old boy
But still youre an old boy grey hair fill your head like an old man
When your hands them a shake whos gonna hold your hand
I guess it will be one of my eight siblings yea
Eight six different mothers straight
I didnt grow with them i hardly know them my
Flesh and my blood to me thats heart breaking
I wanna link them i hope they patience and ovastanding
To know when im standing face to face with them i feel abandoned
I see my father in the eyes and i just cant stand him

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