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Harry Nilsson

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Date de parution : 14/12/2007

Durée : 0:02:43

Style : Pop

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Years ago, i knew a man,
He was my mother's biggest fan,
We used to walk beside the sea,
And he told me how life would be
When i grew up to be a man.

Years ago, we used to play,
He used to laugh when i ran away,
But when i fell and hurt my knee,
He would run to comfort me,
And the pain would go away.

Years ago, i knew a boy,
He was his daddy's pride and joy,
But when the daddy went away
It was such a rainy day
That he brought out all his toys.

How the momma did explain,
Trying to take away the pain,
But, he just couldn't understand
That his father was not a man
And it all was just a game.

The years have passed and so have i,
Making it hard for me to cry,
And if and when i have a son,
Let it all be said and done,
Let the sadness pass him by.

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