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Verse 1:

Damn where can i start fuck it come from the heart
Chanel and kimire you start and end with me
I know yawl felt a lot of pain
Tears running like its rain
Funny how my life has changed
Once you look me in my eyes
Thats when i realized i got to make it
So that time yawl was deprived of wasnt wasted
Truth be told me and your mommaz would never make it
Cause most of the times they kept me confused and fustrated
Get my use out this damn bed since i made it
So dont go acting brand new cause you both educated
Ive paved the way so clear cause i know yawl will take it
And all this love has got my hand steady shaking
Cause all i really know is my rhymes and these beats
And i damn near lost my life spending time in these streets
I cried so many nights before i went to sleep
Thats why all my songs is so hot damn deep

Verse 2:

Now whats strange is my kids james and jemai
And when they momma left me oh boy i cried
On t.q. tour bus oh boy i cried
Whats your point nigga that was my got damn wife
She was supposed to stay down my whole got damn life
Im still pissed off because that shits not right
My son is supposed to be by my got damn side
We never use words conversated with our eyes
His sister was to young to under stand but she knew
Her father had some issues that he had to work through
Some things they might have told her that i said yes its true
But baby girl im never going to lie to you
This marriage started off stanky then it got all shitty
Cause niether one of our families was even with it
Wasnt there when you was born your momma wont let me forget it
And for your love and trust ill do anything to get it
And anything means anything get it
From busting niggas head to robbing banks so youll get fed
But i felt that pushing pounds kept blood off my bread
I just got caught up in the whirl wind
But let your momma tell it its my girlfriends
But im take it on the chin cause im your daddy baby
And i aint going to let another nigga come and take my little lady
And if he try to do it then he crazy

Verse 3:

My mamacita and my baby boys
Bring me so much joy
Thats one bond right there that i cant destroy
I cant believe my baby momma stay down
Ten months struggling while i was gone out of town
These ghost in my closet just keep screaming
I was alone in the a still thats not a reason
Even if she cheated on me homie im never leaving
Cause if she told me that she hate me i couldnt believe it
I know i did her wrong always yelling on the phone
She is the queen of my throne i left her there alone
With a few kids so she feeling fucked up
But this music biz is just giving tough luck
To far to turn back so i guess we all stuck
Let me get this off my chest i dont regret what i did
Cause i think it is the best for you and me and all the kids
Sorry i put you through all this bullshit

Cause it aint nothing more precious in the world
Than your baby girls
You got to hustle hard to with stand the pressure
Because playa they your world

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