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Animal Collective

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Date de parution : 18/10/2005

Durée : 0:07:34

Style : Alternative

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What i need is good advice
Cooked on plates around me
Rubber hands and silly friends
They sit on my world/wand

Someone's soul a sweet sea snow / someone sow a sweet sea soup
I could swim in proudly
And we might swim like laughing ducks
In your pink love/glove alone

There we go changing again / here we come changing them
Pink love again / here we come again

My hands can make yours's warm again
If not absorb in blanket
Are you in need of teething?
And they were on your neck

And if i had volcano boots
For swimming in the volcano
Do you know the origins of laughing ducks?
Oh what's the matter with those birds?

There you go changing again / here you come changing them
There you go again / here we come again

What you needs a happy farm
With happy goats and sheep
What i need's a happy arm
To swing ya' round like father

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