Paroles de Daikaisei part ii, iii

Bo Ningen

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Inside the head is big sunny always, all the time.
A heart and a heart are leading to each other.
Like this unknown moment is leaving me here,
A heart and a heart are connecting to each other.

To avoid myself to leave me here,
I searched for the idea using the heart and the over there.
The heart and the over there are linking each other,
Seeing forward a little bit and backwards.

Hey, if you can go forward little by little with the feelings you have not showing off to yourself, drag that out again, beat it and return it back again.
If that is uncertain, you'd better beat the inner space of your heart.
Then the answer is getting revealed by inches, you are finding yourself.

Little by little,
Set back that will to kill the will,
Little by little and...

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