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Calvin Holt

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I always had my faith in you daisy
I just receive your e-mail today, she
Said that she's coming home to stay
I care for you more then just a friend
I had sent her back e-mail today, i
Remembered it was yesterday
It explained about how i miss you

Verse2.i got a call from her today
Thatshe just arrived in town she said
That she needed me to pick her
Up from the terminal grounds and
To met her at the luggage bound
Now that your here your beautiful
From head to toes your the one i
Wait for just to kiss and whole

When you was gone i was lonely
For you my heart was broken inside
Without you in my life there was
Heartache and pain daisy without
You the world felt so strange.

Voice monologue
I enjoyed how we use to do things
Together daisy we had a bond we
Shared and cared with each other
The world is ours and mine
That reminded me the
Good old times with daisy.


Daisy coming home today
Daisy she's on her way to
Stay i"'m glad to be in love with a girl
L like you "god wouldn't have it know
Way, daisy coming home to stay
Daisy she's on her way today,
Hey ,hey, i'm glad to be
In love with a girl like you
God want us to be together today.

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