Paroles de Dakota (the dancing bear) (part ii)

David Allan Coe

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Betty drove the semi she pulled up to the pump
I thought i wanted a coca-cola and i started out on the jump
She said hold it dave come quick there's something you gotta see
That man had got a dancing bear tied up to that old tree
I said dance dance dakota dance all around the country store
Me and sweet betty ain't never seen a bear that could dance before
Well it's one step two steps three steps four
A bottle of soda and he'll dance some more
Dance dance dakota dance all around the country store

Well these hippies walked up to the cage giving pills to that ole bear
I don't know what it was they was giving to him it had him pulling out his hair
I tried to keep time with the music lord with the beat on my tamborine
Gave him some wine from a mason jar and we all began to sing
I said dance dance dakota dance...

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