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Catch 22

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( verse 1 )
Wounds that will not heal
Cover the scars of the tortured soul
Like broken machinery
Rusted and in the rain cannot be the same
( bridge )
I am damaged inside
I am burning inside
The hands of time keep on turning
And it's burning my eyes
( pre-chorus )
Love has no meaning to those who have never loved
Dreaming decieving phantasmagoria
( chorus )
I am damaged i am damaged i am damaged
Just another slave to the system
In this dying world
( verse 2 )
All that time reveals
Stare at the scars till you're goin' blind
Like broken machinery
Rusted and sitting there far beyond repair
( bridge )
( pre-ch )
( chorus )
( solo )
( pre-ch )
( chorus )

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