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Cels Dupri

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Damn it feels good to be a lucrative
To get cash by the stash and make moves like a fugitive
Rep the l is what the movement is
So when we throw it up that should let you know who it is
Just looking back on the past
Yeah we had a couple face lifts
But nowadays everything is moving fast
Since i made a new path
Overnight, like a grave-shift
So now i'm on 10 toes
I'm calling up 10 hoes
I know that our foes wanna see us fail
But we can't see em like our brim low
We colder than a window
Word man i put that on the l
Shout out to everybody repping it too
And if you throwing it up that mean rapping for you
We tellem cut it out with the goofiness
Damn it feels good to be a lucrative

Umm on the l, we dope as hell
All them girls, they know it well
Built a boat and made it sail
Now they reppin lucre, throwing up the l's

You know i remember, when we first started this shit ya feel me

Now we making everybody throw up the l's and shit

Got people repping lucre heavy

And this just the beginning

Lucre is the label
But basically what a lucrative is is somebody who bout they business
That person who stand out no matter where you are
That person who's dedicated to whatever they do
That person who stay fresh as hell

I see niggas fuckin with it now man but just wait til a few months from now

On the l man, straight up.

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