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Date de parution : 22/05/2012

Durée : 0:03:58

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Verse 1:

I remember way back when you shook my hand/
My brother introduced us and he told you i could rap
Can you rap young boy go head rap then/
That is what you said to me, but that was back when/

I started spitting a verse that i wrote the day before/
Im almost shoked i was afraid you wouldnt like my flow/
You started nodding then you said oh man it was the bomb/
You told me come up to the studio we'll make a song/

But every time i recorded you said i could do better/
You pushed me to the limit, and i though you hated all/
But then i realized you only said that caus you saw/
That i was limitless, and that my flow would kill them all/

After the accident we grew apart for some reason/
But i guess that people change like the 4 seasons/
But i was at the hospital yeah i was there bro/
Im just glad that you survived, airgo/


I said damn
We got the goals on top and we could not stop like damn
Ill do anything for my brothers so sing for my brothers
I said damn
And when ever you need me you can call me i would pick it up like damn
Cause i do anything for my brothers so sing for my brothers

Verse 2:

I have another brother he was in the clique to/
You couldnt see how good he was until it hit you/
He had a milli on the tube on just one song/
And everybody was like "man what is going on"/

B.y.zed on the muthefuckin top now/
Everybodys pumping you in the cars with the tops down/
And even though you got a deal and got your break through/
We, could never be jealous no we would never hate you/

The man of the city, sala is the name/
The city we grew up in and you just gave it a face/
You came in to phase when you recorded you songs/
You had your silly way of rapping but you did it from the heart/

You never gave up, even when people started dissin' you/
You just leveled up, laughed and said, this is how we do/
And i'm a proud friend i see you on the tv/
Byz is the dude blowing up, believe me/

Verse 3:

Graffiti writer and the man with the keyboard/
Tommy thisty wuzup youre the beat lord/
I heard a track that was dope that was made by you/
And i thought wuthefuck can you make mine to/

Youre the reason why i started to produce man/
And after that i made beats like a loose canon/
You said im dope and i had hit beats /
But it was hard for me to believe that my idol digged me/

We call him tt, we rocking in his crib/
To sit beside of him when he produces thats the shit/
He always had the stuff that just sounded like hits/
But every single track he made man was fuckin' legit/

I aint playing, just saying. he's an inspiration
When flip-side had it they tour up the whole nation/
We know you love house, youre good at it, get up/
Go back a couple of years don't loose your love for hip hop/

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