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Date de parution : 13/09/2005

Durée : 0:03:3

Style : Rock

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I wanna see the flame
Behind a silent rage
Behind those lonely eyes
I never wanna see you cry

So d-d-don't you run
No matter what you've done
Oh no matter how you pleed (?)
Loving is a dangerous dream

'cause i'm gonna go in...
I'm gonna go in...
I'm gonna go in...
I'm gonna go in..
Hey, i'm gonna go insane

I don't know your name
But you're the reason why
I just have to try
Whao ho ho ho

And it feels like i should stay
But i am too afraid
Damn this foolish heart
Whao ho ho ho
Come on and celebrate
You can control your fate
"there's no leaving me"
I wanna hear the dj sing

So n-n-never leave
Imagine trusting me
Oh i hope you understand
I never wanna see you sad


(lots of oh ho ho ho's)

Damn this foolish heart (x a bunch)

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