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Texas Hippie Coalition

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Date de parution : 16/10/2012

Durée : 0:03:36

Style : Rock

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I have a big ol' truck and i can't get stuck
You think i suck and i don't give a fuck
Cause i've been at the bottom and i stand at the top
And you already know not to piss me off

I said, if you want something, come on
Yeah, if this's what you want, let's get it on
I said, come get some, yeah, come on
Step on up, let's get it on

I said, i'm a lunatic, i'm about to get sick
Cause i'm a maniac and i'm about to attack
I'm crazy insane and i bring the pain
I've been to hell and i'm about to tell

Well, i'm the king of the cage and i can meet them on stage
Out for a rage, and it's a war i wage
But when i switch it on i can't switch it off
Now why'd you have to go and piss me off

Well, knowing i'm king and the pain i bring
Why do i feel clean, yeah, the angels sing
Cause when i get to rolling you know i can't be stopped
Damn you to hell, you piss me off

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