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Bound For Glory

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Damned for the things i say
Damned for the views i take
Damned whether i'm wrong or right
Damned for the way i live my life

No matter what i do, no matter what i say
I'm always damned
It doesn't seem to matter how honest i am
I'm always damned
Damned by the church, damned by the state
Damned by the world so full of hate
Damned by the left, damned by the right
Damned if i stand or walk from a fight

Damned for the songs i sing
Damned my pride is a sinfull thing
Damned whether i'm mean or nice
Damned for all of my sacrifice

(repeat chorus)

Damned for the knowledge i know
Damned for having a mind of my own
Damned for what my eyes see
Damned for my honor and dignity

Who are you to judge, who are you to condemn?
When you dont even know me
If my honesty and virtue makes me bad
Then damned i'll always be
To hell with your church, to hell with your state
To hell with the lies of this land
To hell with you that paint me bad
Because i don't give a damn


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