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Ashley Tisdale

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That day i dream of another you
I call back and s-s-s-s-ee you
Touchin your hair
Standing on the stair
Looking so handsome

And i wish that you take me to the prom
Ask me for my hand and take me to the d-d-d-d-d-ance dance

Ask ask ask
I will reply yes
Ask ask ask
Oh baby plz accept

This last invitation
Is for you
You luk cool
Oh handsome
And not a fool
Like before

Plz baby ask me for the dance
Plz baby ask me for the dance
Plz baby ask me for the dance
P-plz b-baby a-ask m-me f-for t-the d-d-d-d-d-dance

Oh baby
Plz ask me for the dance

(hey, do u have a cup of sugar i ran out of sugar)

Oh my god
Not the dance
Only a chance
Of sugar
Oh im so stupid
I did not think of tht
Tht he's a nerd
Like others

(no word )
(oh sorry hold on dorky i will get some sugar)
(she's a nerd, wonder if she cums to the dance)

(hey, wanna..)

Stop toking
And get out from here
And dnt luk back
Or i will kick u
I swear
Am so angry
Not a single word
Shut the trap up
And go bk to ur world

Oh baby y wnt u ask me for the dance
Tell me y
Tell me y
Oh baby i still gave u a chance

(oh..bye then i was just askin u to cum for the dance wid me i will ask another girl)

(oh stupid me i just h8 my life standin full of crise)

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