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Tonight i stay home on the phone
Talking to the persons unknown
Take me another zone
This is my life on the phone

Well i feel like donald duck
Sold my eyes for an ounce of luck
And now my back's on fire
With burning *wire*
The people upstairs don't scream so high

I decided to fly off again
And flew really high above
Away from the festival site
As i was taken off i was for the first time
**aware of people might see me **taking off**
**and flying around generally
**i felt very anonymous and detached from everyone**
*really quite sad and sombre
**i felt very anonymous and detached from everyone
**so i was really quite sad and sombre

Flying away from the site over motorway
Quite high so i decided to head back
To the ticket office on the edge of the site
I decided i couldn't make by myself
So i ended on a flight

**in previous dreams i felt/found i couldn't control the flight**
But sometimes i could by stretching out my arms
And flap my little hands **in the case of the dream***
Didn't work so i superman *team
I couldn't do it in the superman-style
So i tried flying off to glasgow
And i was flying superman-style along the m8
**and i got caught more and more
**city flying lower and lower
**so i don't think i wanted to
** i couldn't fly anymore
Landed on a car-roof
A woman saw me
* suddenly appeared on the car
But she couldn't carry anything
**she walked down the street
She boodlebaddledenemy

**but it wasn't a shop
**it was two small flats
**and i was in a sort of a porch bit
**suddenly realised it was someone's house
**and i left
**and that's all i gonna be remembering right now

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