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Hoffsten Louise

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I heard it way back, my friends were telling me
You better watch that man, he's trouble guaranteed!
I heard it way back, you're an unfeeling lout
You are the kind of man that'd sell your mother out
My father told me, i've seen the type before
He's never satisfied til he has all and more
My father told me to stay away from you
Before you wash my brain and twist my point of view
I guess i didn't clean my ears that morning
I really put all my trust in you
I'm gonna dance on your grave one day
Play maracas and sing ole
Dance on your grave one day
I'm gonna dance on your grave one day
Invite all my friends for a cabaret
Dance on your grave one day
I'll have a ball when you're gone
I know you told me, i should be glad to be
All hoked up with a man that knows how to succeed
I know you told me you don't need any friends
That you're the greatest man that ever lived,
But if you think that i'm gonna miss you
To me you're already dead and gone

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