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Dance through life
By quest

1st verse: long and endless wait
For hope, has been far too long.
Sliding down a slope
With no hope, drifting all along.

Tumbling down a hill, with no brakes
To slow down momentum of life,
Lets add some rhythm, beat to our lives
Playing that music in our mind,

Chorus: dance through life ,
Ballroom, line dance
Electric slide yeah!
Dance through life
Cha cha, salsa
Two step, polka yeah!
Dance through life
Foxtrot, tango,
Lock step, chasse yeah!
Dance through life,
Swing or sway,
Twist or jive yeah!

2nd verse: when stressful days come by,
When you feeling, tired & weary,
Dont let yourself speed up,
Like a train on a railroad track,

Be calm and cool step out for a while,
Listen to the beat of your pumping heart,
Lets add some rhythm, beat to our lives
Playing that music in our mind,


Bridge: life filled with love is blessed, living life full of love is great


Dance through life ///

Song written and composed by channa monnekulame on september 2012 location ave ave maria, florida, usa.
Arrangements and backing tracks by channa monne. drums/percussions, rhythm & lead guitar, keyboards performed by channa monne, florida usa, bass guitar arrangements by mohan gooneratne nrw germany. vocals by rebecca, natalie & brenda monnekulame of quest in september 2012.
Warning: copying any parts of these songs lyrics or its arrangements will be considered a direct violation of the copyright law.
All rights reserved, this songs, lyrics and its musical arrangements are property of the author channa monnekulame & quest and are protected by the international copyright law.

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