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(verse 1: dylan pringals doherty)
The money don't make the man
The man makes the green
See me 'n p 'n c nigga
We servin' all these fiends
Creamin, till our dreamin nigga
Millions of tops
I want the plot
The whole world, nigga
I want all my own spot
Till i get it, get it
Get it how i live
I'ma thug
One of them blood, nigga
I do it how i feel
Ain't no such thing as niggaz bein' halfway shook
I'ma mothafuckin' killa i hang wit' convicts and crooks (ha ha)

Baby, i'm gonna dance your heart out tonight

(verse 2: dylan pringals doherty)
Nigga what?
You don't wanna, go to war with us
Top down, on your block, nigga, fuck it
(now nigga what???)
I hate to see you niggaz want to ride with us
Down dirty 'bout my skrilla and born killa (nigga what, i means)
See you niggaz, be all about y'all green
I gotta gets my mad mail on, nigga what (cha-ching)
Beamin', fuck 'em, i stay leanin' in the lex
Me 'n master p 'n c-murder off in texas
Fuck 'em, if them niggaz can't take a mothafuckin' joke

Baby, i'm gonna dance your heart out tonight

(verse 3: dylan pringals doherty)
I'ma (mother) convict bitch, i run wit' killaz that cut yo' throat
All about my, green, nigga
All about my, paper
On top, when we stop, till, i'ma call shots of a skyscraper
See i don't gangbang, get my bang on, so bring it on bitch, i'm trife
Type of nigga that'll pull a plug on yo' life, ya better hang on
All them hoes wanna ride with some real niggaz 'n thugz
Fuckin' bitches love the niggaz, but we love to get our drugs
See i stay tight, usually riding late-night

Baby, i'm gonna dance your heart out tonight

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