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The Confession

pochette album Dance with the devil
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Date de parution : 07/03/2007

Durée : 0:04:13

Style : Rock

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(verse 1)
Downtown where no angels are found, we got our own underground, now let me show you 'round.
Welcome, yeah sinners and saints, come see the king in restraints, the queen with his crown.
Pure cry, as we pass 'em all by, and you can look in our eyes, and see no signs of light.
Hang 'em high on the street lights tonight, and there's no losing the fight, we tie our nooses tight.

You can dance with the devil, but you must wait your turn.
He'll bring you to his level, so you can feel the burn!

(verse 2)
Get down, pass the bottle around, pray to the lord you don't drown, and we can show you how.
Sluts twist through the smoke and the mist, so get your hand off your dick, and i can show you how!
Hell bent, none of us heaven sent, around the fire we chant, so just walk on by.
Hold tight, to your daughters tonight, cause you know i''l fuck 'em right, you know i damn well might.

(chorus version 2)
You can dance with the devil but you must wait your turn.
Down south, all the rebels, are standing proud and firm.

(verse 3)
Romance tryed to change the man i am
And i will be made pure of this i'm sure.

(chorus version 2)

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