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Dancin on me she really want me
Dropping it low she really on me
The way that she move i can tell that she's a freak
I don't really know what she's doing to me
But i know what to do when i get her in my room
She gon wanna call me her boo but im cool
I don't get down like that i knock em off once and i send em right back
Yeah i send em right back

Got her singing like me in the high falsettos
Nothing on but a sexy pair of stilettos
No casino but we going all in
Give it to her good make her run and tell a friend like
I never knew i could do
All the things that i did
When i was in bed with you
You wanna come back for more
But baby that door is closed
And now she trippin cuz she cant
Get to me without going through 5 people

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