Paroles de Dancin

Sabrina Bryan

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The music is goin right through
My soul, it hits me and i start
To dance, it's like perfection
And it's so contagious
(come and dance with me)

I'm dancin i'm gonna break it
Down, i'm not gonna loose the beat
I'm not gonna go outta control oh no
I'm dancin, so come dance with me

Most of the times i'm created the
Steps, but now your teaching me how
To serve it up, so please, just,
Come dance with me

Repeat chorus 2x

You can't say that you can't dance,
If you haven't tried, you can't say
That you don't got soul, all you
Gotta do is be you, and just dance

Rap break:
Step by step, one two three, let
The music flow through your feet,
It's easy, come dance with me

Repeat chorus 3x

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