Paroles de Dancing in the rain

Hilary Weeks

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Date de parution : 25/10/2011

Durée : 0:03:58

Style : Christian & Gospel

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It clouded over on monday morning
And i had hoped to wake up to sunshine
Come tuesday i think i felt it
A little raindrop on top of my head
On wednesday no mistakin it
By thursday no escaping it
The storm had rolled in
I thought about going back to bed
Or reading the book on my nightstand
I considered calling the weather man
Just to ask him when it might end
But i did something you would not have thought
I grabbed my polka dot umbrella
And i opened the door
And i danced
In the rain
I let my dreams know i hadnt forgotten them
I let my heart take the lead and i told my hopes
To get themselves up again
And i danced (to the music of the day)
And i looked (for the blue above the gray)
Yes i danced
In the rain
I invited my worries to step aside
I need room to see in front of me
As the raindrops fell on my overcoat
I let them roll right off of my back
And i waited for the rainbow
Cause heaven and me, we both know
This storm is gonna pass
I danced till my fears washed away
Then i thanked rain for comingtoday

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