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Whenever i'm on top there's someone trying to take me down (wah wah)
They say i've got to tag along to all this shit that's going 'round
Best times of my life sometimes i spend alone (impress me)
I can never trust in you so how could you deserve me
I'm poor, make me hot, give me glory or not, i'm sick of being
They say that i never could be a something
Climb on a job without putting me down
If i don't get nothing but i stay down then
When i try... by... set my... self under
(chew) on nobody else
(love hunger)
Ever tried being yourself?
(love hunger)
Give me some time on my own
('cos i wonder)
Leave me a long... hair... yeah... heh...

Honey turn the tv down
I get a (ride/line) on their saying, and pass it around
If it works for you, it'll work for us, so
Gimme a little dangerlust
Gimme a little dangerlust

D-d-d-dayglo buffaloes blew me away
Stranger the eye was 'tween the dust and the day
Mile-high sweet as (tie) show me a sign
I'm smiling away 'cos i know that it's mine

Gimme a little dangerlust

(mellow-sky-babies-style outro)

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