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I thought i heard a woman crying did she say her child was dying thought i heard a building tumbling was it a dream or dangerous visions i was sure i saw a bomb sometime falling then i woke up i was calling sure i saw a rescue mission was it a dream or a final warning
People living, people walking people dying, people crawling people laughing, people talking people crying, people screaming (x2)
One day the rivers stopped flowing then one day the grass stopped growing all is night there is no warning now you may laught and you may sneer can't come true can't happen here close your eyes pretend you're blind but what will you do when the end is near i wondered why the girl was crying then i saw her parents dying then i saw a rescue mission was it a dream or a dangerous vision did i see a bomb sometime falling or did i hear the wounded calling all is darkness there was no warning was it a dream or a dangerous vision was it a dream of dangerous vision

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