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David Easthouse

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1.the serpent in the garden comes to you and me
And tempts us with the luscious fruit hanging from the tree
He says it is no problem , he says it will be fine
If you will make it yours and if i will make it mine
You with your dangling halo and also the same with me
Perfected imperfection and achieved so perfectly
And as with such a genius mind and also with such devious kind
So subtly and shamelessly we pull the fruit from off the tree we fall for the temptation and gobble it all up
And drink the banished nectar from the bitter cup
It fills us with great power it feels us with much greed
Until were wanting more more than what we need
And so we start to quarrel and so we start to fight
And so we start to strive to gain more power and might
And so we start to grab and so we start to steal
Till you are left with nothing and i am a big deal

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