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Fredo Santana

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Hook: okay coo, see this og what im smoking.
Try to rob me and im up and up there toastin'.
If he holding work, kidnap his mother.
I got shooters shootin' no discussion.

Chorus:everytime i call my plug, you know i need like 2 bricks.
Boy that pussy old i need a new bitch.
Forgein cars outside, in it like 2 bitches (2 bitches?)
Check my resume boy i do this,

Verse:who the fuck told you that fredo wasnt that nigga thats runnin' this city?(chiraq)
I call up oblock,600,300, you know they ride with me.
We pull up in vans, all black so, you know they be tinted.
I call up blackie, otab, tirab, biah they with me.
Trappin' my llife style. im living to wild.
Even in my bathroom, aks all round.
Just popped a lot of xanz, forgot where im at now.
Hope you dont kiss that bitch, cause i swear she be doing down.
I just bought a motherfuckin' trap and a motherfuckin' brick just god damn came with it.
Any nigga want beef, hallows coming to his city.
Put this 4'5 in your mouth, you can call me a mothefuckin' dentist.
Emotional ass bitches, i dont give no fuck bout feelings.


Verse: all these rappers they be lying, dont belive it, that shit is a gimmit.
My pockets is swole, my is fat, yo shit is getting slimmin'.
Me and them keys together, shit we like like mike and pimpin'.
Thinking to myself like i fucked a thousand women.
At the same time gripping on my pistol,
Cause i cant trust these niggas or these dumb ass bitches (i dont)
I remember when i aint have to pop a pistol.
Now im somewhere with yo bitch,and her mouth my cock.
Brand new 4'5 automatic 100 shot, cant even fit in my pocket.
Pull up on yo block, get the poppin' aint no stoppin'.
Stay up in yo lane boy, dont be another news choppa'.
Im big boss fredo, so all i eat is thick and lobster.


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