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Laurie Anderson

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Date de parution : 20/08/2001

Durée : 0:03:22

Style : Rock

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A dark angel parachutes down into an abandoned town
He says: oh, i've been looking for a certain white clown
Doesn't look like you're it
But you're the only one around
So i guess you'll have to do, he says
So anyway... how are you doin'?

I say, actually, i can't stand all the new machines
It's supposed to be all brand new but it just looks the same
He says: oh, it looks like you're bored. so try this he says to me:

Why don't you get yourself an old beret
And why don't you find an old caf?
And sit at a time and write something new
That's never been heard before

Or write your own manifesto. that would do
Just make sure you use a pencil
So you can always get it... you know... right

Look at all the things i've bought
I can't believe what they cost
Just a lot of plastic and numbers on my credit card
I'm feeling kind of lost
The world that used to seem so small
I could wrap my arms around it
Now it seems so big. and he said: oh
>from your pictures i guessed that you were tall
But actually... i gotta go now

It's a small world full of light
It's a small world full of light
But i wouldn't want to have to paint it

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