Paroles de Dark clouds a-risin'

Mississippi Fred Mcdowell

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Dark clouds a-risin'
(f. mcdowell)
Mississippi fred mcdowell
Recorded: march 1968 los angeles, ca.
Producer: pete welding
Album: levee camp blues, testament tcd6007

Lord, lord, ooh, lord
Yeah, baby, hey
Lord, oh lord

I saw a dark cloud a-risin'
Wonder what's gonna 'come of me?
I saw a dark cloud a-risin' baby
I wonder what's gonna 'come a-me-e?
Down in this valley
As lonesome as i can be

Next time i start out to hobo'in
With my baby by my side, right here
Next time i start the hoboin'
I'm 'onna have my baby by my side

Yon' box car is bumpin'
It's jarrin' at my brains
Yon' box car is bumpin', baby
And lord, be jarrin' my brains
I might get up in the mo'nin
I might catch a passenger train

Yeah, don't come here runnin'
Baby, a-screamin' an cryin'
Don't ya come here runnin'
Honey, screamin' an cryin'

Don't come here runnin'
Baby, screamin' an cryin'
Now, you got a home, darlin'
Long as i've got mine

I'm goin' by the pawn shop
'on put my watch in pawn
I'm goin' by the pawn shop
I'm-a put my watch in pawn, on my own
No more, nobody tell me
How long my baby's been gone


I'm washin' my jumper, darlin'
Starch my *overhauls
Hey, wash my jumper, baby
Starch my overhauls
I might get up in the mo'nin
I'm 'on catch that cannonball

Hey, hey-ey
It's bye-bye, bye-bye, baby
And bye-bye, bye, bye, baby

I'm goin' away, babe
But i won't be gone for long.


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