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Widespread Panic

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Date de parution : 12/02/2008

Durée : 0:05:57

Style : Rock

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Dark day program, pen to page
Nothing's broken, show our age
Feed the flame, tears enrage
Wait till mornin', face the day

Now we're toiling over
Thoughts and mixed emotions
Hard to really see
What's lying underneath

Like a roller coaster
Up and down just floatin'
Touch the grass and leaves
Faces in the trees

Oh, kick 'em over, the darkened days
And tip 'em over, darkened days
The door is open, light the way
Light the way, oh

Pain and passion from the rack
Smokin' jacket, gunny sack
Feed the flames, safest bet
They all know that we're not done yet

All that we're expectin'
What the heart's rejectin'
Play the giving hand
Just a change of plans

Now the kings and castles
Don't seem worth the hassle
Recent precedent
Feigning innocence

Oh, tip 'em over, darkened days
Kick 'em over, darkened days
Doors will open, light the way
Another day

Hold your heart out for all to see
Words were spoken, on our knees
Feed the flame, last to fade
Angels know just what you mean

Now we're turning older
Time has made us bolder
Love and tragedy
Easy now to see

All that we're desertin
Was it worth the hurtin'
See it in your eyes
Crystal blue as sky

Oh, now they're over, darkest days
Cryin's over, darkened days
War is over, light the way
Go on our way, oh, gone our way

Oh, kick 'em over, darkened days
Tip 'em over, darkened days
Ooh, sweeter memories, place to stay
Light the way, oh, light the way
Ooh, light the way

Tip 'em over

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