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It's the twista and i'm rockin' shit
Kill them in the past, let's see how futuristic i can get
Arsenol full of lyrics and we be steady stockin' clips
Niggas ain't squashin' shit, it's the chicago apocalypse
I bring it back like i done took too many summers off
How i attack make 'em say, "damn, that was (?)"
Flip my money like it was work, call it a (?)
Mad if i'm not on top when it's hot, call it (?)
Still put 'em to bed like a buddha head on sudafed
Get you high 'til you were dead
Talk that shit, i could put one through the head
Rollin' it up, that's what i do with dreads
Open 'em up, that's what i do the legs
Whip so fly, it don't ever matter which one we in
Go so (?), fbi go (?)
Cheque so big, it's like i got a connect with columbians
Don't want to talk about it if you don't want to cut me in
Stretch the words out like a benz
Co-creative cause i like the wind
The tail on the whip lookin' like a (?)
And when i drop the top, it make a sound like (?)
Jay electronica
Get knowledge inside of that (?) button to start it up
People keep askin' me when is the twista gon' follow up
I'll tell you in a minute after la mama swallow up
Nah, had to wait for the label to put them dollars up
Then i can let out some of the (?) shit that i got bottled up
With a regiment for the soldiers and killers that stay hollowed up
And i can bet murder would be in the venture
So keep your goggles up
Anybody want to get into a debate of who can decode
Cause i'm a meet you with the podium

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