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3 Inches Of Blood

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Darkness has come, all hope is lost, evil has arrived
A sign of the times, were destined to fall, its the end of us all

Beware the omens that will give you final warning
Youve heard them speak about the phantom in the woods
It casts a shadow on the peoples hopes and dreams
In the night, we all shiver when it screams

Worst is still yet to come, forfeit your life
The creature that haunts is only the first of an oncoming horror

Dark messenger, tidings of danger
Dark messenger, tidings of death

Pray to your god
It will not help
It was a lie
Set in the flames
Burn the decay of your foolish ways

Theres nothing you can do to stop this deadly force
A host of demon that will show you no remorse
The phantoms gaze will drive you mad, or so it is told
No reason other than to terrorize your soul
Tremble and despair there is no way that youll be safe
Scorched by the hellfire, only ashes fill your grave

Dark messenger, speaks words of evil
Dark messenger, speaks of your death
Dark messenger brings no salvation
Dark messenger brings only pain

You heard the message, wait in anguish for the end
Best take your own life before the devil eats your flesh
Theres no defense against the slaughter of mankind
Behold the dawning of the ruler of the world

Acoustic guitar: clark

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