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Cobe Obeah

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Verse 1:
Me and the man in the mirror used to chat at night
But we had a fight and the beautiful glass shattered twice
Mad cuz i rather fight and didn't rock platinum ice,
So i grabbed a mic to scare some of you cracker whites, uhh
And watched them scatter like a pack of mice, you see i got
Them more confused then hermaphrodites, kilt the man in the mirror
He was never acting right, couldn't see eye to eye, see you in the afterlife.
Die die die die, somebodys gonna died tonight
I don't know if its gon be me but i know i gotta fight
Bye bye bye bye, i think i see the end , so i think i'm
Bout to go there, i ain't never coming back again,
We fall we rise we live we die, sometimes
At night i want to cry,
I'm fighting back the tears, ive been fighting this for years,
Fighting fighting to exist, how can i get out of this shit im!

Hook ( night) night! night (repeats)

Verse 2:
They call it the city of angels, but why is the crime high
Dirty la this the home of the drivebys, and bitches talking
Bout cobe never drive by, and i just tell em i got rules to abide by,
I'm so high, i could give orion high five, i ask him how is his belt but i don't like guys
Im out of this world homie bye bye, now my enemies tell me cobe you should die die,
I, i, i, i, never been so alive, gotta fight this beast to the end, and you know i'm down to ride
Why why why, am i losing control, the find it hard to believe that i never ever sold my soul
We lose we win we try we fail, sometimes i cry cuz i'm in hell,
And i can feel the flames ive been feeling this for days , feeling feeling so enslaved
How can i get out of this cage, ahh

Hook ( repeats)