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Staying in d dark
Yeah i already knew it could be like dat
Am d dark sailor
Try&take it a little while cus i know its damn weird
Now am on right&font subway
To expose how my f**k emotions goes away
Still i can hear; u talk2know if am still goddamn f**king around
Yeah am back
But sincerely,i gap d pass
Closed my eyes 2everytin,phoney-like really,i aint around
But if i wanna act like
Tellin u d truth
Aw i changed d plight-like
Music u called my tune
Must tell u a white lie
Like skyblue
Am f**king dis game up&dats d news.
Now its crazy,how u damn tellin
Ur tune aint interesting
Cuz v.i.c.n,
D ;rap please-feel-tensed
Is trying:makin ur style freaking,maybe rechristen
I sware
I wont let it roll pass me b4 i spin it&spit it(yeah)
Make u feel it,am spitting(yeah)
Drives u crazy,am with it (yeah)
Since i grab it
I aint letting it loose off me
And i hope u got me
Since ure awaken
Ure off ur f**king hallucinogen
So just try,find every means
I hope tight,odd all solo quiz
And try to go with it,sob with it,get dope with it,cus i know u cant just cope with it
Yeah i ease myself
Somebody please give a little recal to aid dis bitch ass stars
Dey depreciating
Handicapps really nids aiding
Somebody please take em off scenes cus their whole existence is a stupid idea
Am iniciating,and yet it better be a brave thing
Wen am to see em drop down dead
D. d. dis is aint bullshitting
Neither talk to ensue;only feeling me
U flopped on stage
Better still com chump me
Absurd all day
Better still am fucking
U teasing,its thrilling am making it freaking
U talking invading,dats wen u freak me
So freak me.
Chorus:saying words like oh yeah
Say it loud oh oh yeah
Say it more oh oh yeah
Is it sailor?oh oh yeah
V.i.c.n;brain fuck
Giggs in swag;real stunt
U dont really wanna talk shit,really talk shit
Ho ho ho hold up
Verse 2
And if only
U knew 4rm d start it really wnt work
Den fuck it still thinkin
Shldnt ave wasted much b.e tryin to give dos shot
Now u tell me war
Hommies,better tell me,if really gonna ever know d weakness,infact no weakness ,srappin,u telling me,drilling u dealing with,and dats d devil immense stunt
Hey phoney,ease urself
U got a lot of stress,damn pretendin
Already got a clear scene and dat really
,its a fuckin clear shot
Cus dis music thing,wen i giv it
Dis lyrics thing,weni giv it
All dis years u couldnt use it
Its like really

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