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Date de parution : 21/03/2014

Durée : 0:04:04

Style : Death Metal/Black Metal

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Half as bright, twice as long
Message from times yet to come
Misty fields of no return
Only the wicked children burn
If you don't behave yourself
You are going straight to hell
To a place where god is gone
You will meet the darkest one

Bloodred skies
Where demons fly
Disobey, and it comes alive
You are doomed until
We change your will
You must learn
The good ones live
The others burn

If you don't behave yourself
We will have a soul to sell
There is still a way to learn
Only the wicked children burn

Here comes the dark salvation
Here comes the dark one with his cane
The cane it burns a little stitch
And then he fries
The little child

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